Congratulations! You have found the home of the zealots of ontographic metagaming (zomg). n.b. still under construction

zomg is a speculative poetics research project by me Calum Rodger in which I combine my three favourite things to make/do/play and think about – poetry, philosophy and videogames – in hopefully interesting and/or meaningful ways.

See theory for an introduction to a poetic-philosophical practice I describe as ontographic metagaming (in proposal/note form for the time being), along with links to a few other relevant pieces I’ve written.

See poetry for finished/published poetic work in print or online of or relating to zomg.

See games for wee poetic games I’ve made which you can play free in your browser.

See other for zomg projects/pursuits which don’t fit in any of the other categories.

zomg hope you enjoy your stay here + please sign the guestbook!